Avoid Making These Mistakes with Your Trade Show Banners

You are planning to have a new display in the trade show and you want to stand out on the exhibition floor. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid to ensure that your trade show banners will please your visitors.

Not Training Your Staff

Regardless of how sharp your materials are or how amazing your trade show banners is, your display is only as good as the staff members that will serve as the front liner of your company.   They will interact with customers that will visit your booth. Your staff should be trained not just to be friendly and polite but most importantly, they should listen to customers to match your products and services to their needs. Your staff should be never congregate with friends, read magazines or use their mobile phones while manning your display.

Using Poor Quality Materials

A lot of companies usually comes to the trade show with banners that have been damaged or display with dents, dings or rips and that is something that you should avoid. Make sure that you only use the best materials for your display. If you will transport your materials to different locations then make sure that the materials are well taken care of so that they won’t look battered. In this case, try to use high-quality trade show banner so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged.

Using Poorly Designed Graphics

Customers will feel underwhelmed with your display when they see that you have a poorly designed logo, an undersized photo or a picture with poor resolution and colour. Avoid doing such mistake and go for graphics that suggest professionalism, good judgement and strong organizational skills. You don’t want graphics that will make your customers wonder whether or not you know what you’re doing.

Failing to Promote Your Event

Just because you signed in to the trade show doesn’t mean that people will go there already. You have to promote your event via different means like text, email, direct mail or social media. Take out a small advertisement in a trade journal or issue a press release in the local newspaper. Let people know about your display and do not forget to include a coupon or other incentive to attract the people’s interest towards your display.

Failing to Follow Up with Your Leads

Make sure that you have a plan before the event to avoid cramming on the actual event. Everything should be planned perfectly including following up with the leads that you acquire at the trade show. Your conversations with customers should include next steps, quote and plans for future meetings.

If you avoid the five mistakes, then you will have a successful display that will populate visitors and generate productive leads. Most of all, your brand will be represented in a positive ways and you can attract and retain loyal customers. People will have a positive impression of your brand and they will feel confident trusting your company.