What are Medium Backdrop Boards?

Medium Backdrop Boards are high-resolution photography backdrops printed on rigid PVC foam board. Medium Backdrop Boards add true-to-life background texture to product, lifestyle, and food photography. They're super lightweight so you can take them anywhere

Just how high is “high-resolution”?

All designs are 300 dpi at printed size (28 x 22 in). Go ahead. Get close

How big is each board?

Each board measures 71 x 56 x 0.5 cm (approximately 28 x 22 x 1/5 in) and weighs about 2 lbs. We think it's the perfect size

Can I use Medium Backdrop Boards on any surface?

Absolutely. Unlike vinyl backdrops which curl and bend, Medium Backdrop Boards lay completely flat when placed on the floor, on a stool, outdoors - wherever you find the best light. Try leaning a second Medium Backdrop Board against a wall or upright surface to create a textured "wall" behind your scene. No clips or tape needed

Will Medium Backdrop Boards stain or scratch?

Don't let the non-reflective matte finish fool you. Food bloggers love Medium Backdrop Boards because of how easy they are to wipe clean! We here at Medium even "food-tested" each design by splattering them with red wine, coffee, and barbecue sauce - everything wiped off with a dry cloth


Be good to your boards! Their rigid foam construction resists bending, but they CAN dent or scratch if you get really rough with them

Why would I choose Medium Backdrop Boards over vinyl backdrops or making my own?

Vinyl backdrops curl, can’t be used on uneven surfaces, and require a stand if you want to use them behind a scene. They can also look less-than-realistic when photographed close-up. Don’t get me wrong, vinyl backdrops have their place in large-scale photography. I’ve just never been a fan of them for fast lay and close-up shots

Making your own photo backdrops requires pricey materials (wood, paint, nails, brushes), trips to Lowe's, and skill/time most of us don't have. Medium Backdrop Boards arrive on your doorstep ready to go. Your pick.

Do you ship outside the US?

YES! Medium Backdrop Boards are available in over 100 countries via amazon.com (THE Amazon, not amazon.ca or other country-specific Amazons) 

I changed my mind. Can I return my board for a refund?

Sure can. Return the board in its original condition for a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping costs for returning a board are your responsibility and will not be paid by Medium

Is Medium responsible for any damage incurred during shipping?

No, sorry. We do everything we can to ensure safe delivery, including a custom protective shipping box. Sadly, we have no control over handling once boards leave the manufacturer and are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the shipping process


Can I use Medium Backdrop Boards to create and sell my own stock photos?

Yes, as long as you modify our designs in some way, either digitally or by photographing real props arranged on the boards. It is not legal to sell a photograph of a blank Medium Board as a stock photo


When will Marble and Slate designs be back in stock?

We anticipate them being available in late May 2018. Definitely sign up for our email newsletter so we can alert you as soon as they're back (plus get all the exclusive offers and updates you won't want to miss)! Link at bottom of page

How can I get more Medium?

Follow @mediumboards on Instagram for all the goodness and Medium Backdrop Boards on Facebook for all the links and updates you won't find anywhere else