Subtle Filter, Beautiful Results

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When I first started using Instagram, I loved their filters. Over time though, I found they were too strong. They changed my photo too much. Until recently, I ditched the filter entirely.  Now I have found a subtle filter is the best filter. The VSCO photo editing app has tons of subtle options.  Check this out:


VSCO is a photo editing app for iOS and Android that gives you nearly unlimited preset filters (ok, about 100), including filters that emulate different brands of analog film like Fuji, Kodak, and Agfa.  VSCO filters C2 and C4 (pictured above) are my absolute favorites. Each “C” filter gives this slate backdrop (this is Gladstone – the slate Medium Board) a subtly different tint and flame intensity.

What I love most about the VSCO filters is that they give your photos a subtle bump without looking “filtered.”I promise your biggest VSCO problem will be picking your favorites.

As always, I am in no way affiliated with VSCO. Just a big old fan girl looking to pass on what I have learned works.


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