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You’re missing out if you’ve never tried a two-backdrop set-up. Trust me, you want to keep reading.

Single-backdrop flat lay is perfect for small, low profile items where the top surface of the item is your focus. But when you want to shoot a tall, leggy item (like a wine bottle or plant), or really focus on the side of an item (like a candle with your company logo), the two-backdrop set-up is clutch. Here’s how I got this gorgeous two-backdrop cactus shot:


  1. Place two backdrops – one horizontal and one vertical. This is easiest with rigid backdrops like Medium Boards because they lay flat on any surface (even a narrow stool) and can be propped vertically against a wall, chair back, or piece of furniture. Mix it up and combine a board with your floor, wall, or countertop – Medium Boards can be used however you want. Vinyl backdrops work too, but make sure you have a large flat surface and a stand since they bend and can’t be propped up on their own
  2. Set your scene. Make it as simple or intricate as you want
  3. Start shooting. Try different angles. Get close.
  4. Optional – edit your masterpiece with your favorite apps
  5. Watch the sales role in
  6. Do happy dance





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