Black Absorbers: the key to fall photography

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Dusk is coming earlier, pumpkins (+/- spice) dot every supermarket shelf, and leg hair is being removed a little less frequently - aka fall's here! If you're all about changing your backdrop and photos with the season, I've got your key to darker and moodier fall photos, courtesy of all-star wedding photog Andrea of @arosteguiphotog 

No matter where or what time of day you shoot, a reflector is essential to getting even light across your scene. White reflectors (i.e. piece of plain poster board or foam) are the obvious choice when using a white backdrop. For fall and winter though, it's all about changing up your reflector (or I guess I should say "absorber")! 

Says Andrea, “There are moments when I don’t want to show off food in a bright and airy setting, but more in a moody, dark tone. To bounce light and create that bright look, you’d normally place a white board as a reflector on the opposite side of your light source. But to create a dark and moody tone, you can do the opposite by substituting a black foam board to create shadows and block/subtract light.”

Get Andrea's setup by arranging two backdrops next to your favorite light source. Lay one backdrop horizontally and prop the other 'drop vertically, supported by the back of a chair, a piece of furniture, or even an unopened wine bottle (as if you have an unopened one ;)

Place the black board vertically facing the light source. You can stand it up the same way you did the backdrop. Then shoot like usual! Play with angles and prop arrangements until you love what you see behind the lens.

Want to get your hands on plain white or black reflectors? Craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby have what you need. 

Craving a new backdrop? You know I've got you covered there!

All photos used with permission from @arosteguiphotog

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